About Us

Parkview Retail Limited was born from an idea by a father and son partnership, starting in 2001 with our original store in East Street, Southampton.  The main aim being to provide high quality stores, products and services for both the residents and visitors of Southampton. Customer service has always been of paramount importance when considering our business goals.  Our original store was sold in 2011, unfortunately this smaller 1,400sq ft store no longer fitted the direction the business was heading. Our current three stores are ideally located throughout Southampton city centre.

In 2005 we opened our store at Frobisher House, Southampton.  This location is directly opposite Southampton Central Train Station and a large number of bus stops which service most of the city.  Over the years we have built up a strong business with our regular commuters, office workers and local residents.  The store was completely refitted in November 2012 to better meet our customers’ needs.  This refit included increasing the sales area by 30% to 2,200sq ft as well as doubling our fresh food range and also the installation of a 24hr, free-to-use ATM. Further development work took place in December 2014 adding extra chilled space and a further 200sq ft of retail space. This store now boasts an impressive 24.375 metres of fresh food, 2.5 metres of frozen foods and 9.25 metres dedicated to chilled alcohol and soft drinks.

Our store at Liberty Quays was opened in 2007 and is located at the bottom of Central Bridge.  This location is right in the middle of a number of local flats, student halls and office accommodation and also, don’t forget, we are very close to Oxford Street.  This 3,000sq ft store was completely refitted in May 2013 and boasts a 23 metre run of fresh foods, 7 metres of frozen foods, 11.25 metres dedicated to chilled alcohol & soft drinks and a vast range of grocery products.  As with all our stores, it also has a 24hr, free-to-use ATM.

In May 2015 we opened our Harbour Parade Store, under the Premier Inn. This location is directly opposite Watermark the leisure based new development of the WestQuay Shopping Centre. A large 2,750 sq ft store has been built from a shell unit completely refitted to the highest standards. Boasting a 25 metre run of fresh foods, 4 metres of frozen foods, 11.25 metres dedicated to chilled alcohol and soft drinks which complements a vast range of grocery products.

Uniquely, for a privately owned company, the environment is key to our core values.  We have invested heavily in energy saving technologies in-order to reduce our carbon footprint.  Examples include, use of LED lighting, glass door chillers and voltage optimisation.  In fact, even as far back as 2008, when we first opened Liberty Quays (formerly Mercury Point) we were only the second store in Europe to install LED lighting.  Not bad for a small family business!

We pride ourselves on stocking a comprehensive range of products.  Far more than you would see in your normal convenience store, in fact there’s not a lot we don’t sell food-wise.  If we don’t stock what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff and we will endeavour to include it in our ever growing range.  For example, you will find gluten free products and dairy free products in addition to a comprehensive fresh fruit, veg and fresh meat range.  Whether you are looking to grab a bite to eat for lunch or want to enjoy a special dinner at home with your family, we can offer you an enticing range of options.  We look forward to meeting you soon!